April 23, 2021


The date was 18th December 2014 and Ridduan was scheduled to record an interview with Bfm 89.9 that morning about his reputation as Malaysia's upcoming street style photographer. The interview was however canceled because news of a sudden rise of water levels in his hometown, a quaint little town called Rantau Panjang, in Kelantan, has made it necessary for him to urgently go home to be with his family. Little did he know that he will come face to face with the most tragic flood situation in the East Coast since 1967.

The rain was relentless. The water level of Sungai Kelantan at Tambatan DiRaja, which has a danger level of 25 metres, reached an unprecedented magnitude of 34.17 metres compared to 29.70 metres in 2004 and 33.61 metres in 1967. The severity of the flood has caused electricity and communication failure. Ridduan has decided that one of the ways that he could send out a message to the public about the seriousness of the matter is through his photos. Armed with just his i-Phone he set out on a mission of documenting the tragedy, but through his eyes.

This Exhibition is a collection of those photos that has captured the hearts of not just his legions of followers on Instagram, but also the general Malaysian public. Described as “Heartbreakingly beautiful” by Wordsmanifest, presenting to you, BANJIR.

Astro Awani did a full coverage on TTFGA’s Banjir photos leading up to the Exhibition and post-Exhibition.


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