JCPR has organised several sessions of talks, both physical and virtual called Trigger Thoughts.

Featuring guests from various backgrounds, Trigger Thoughts has garnered a steady number of audience who tuned in to listen to their favourite personalities recount stories of their childhood, career and personal experiences.

When Malaysia went into lockdown in 2020, Trigger Thoughts goes full-on virtual using IG Live as its platform to reach out to the masses..

Malaysians are familiar with “Warisan”, a song  about patriotism that was delivered by the late  Sudirman – a legendary singer.

During discussions on the production of Poova’s  debut Malay single Karya and music video, we  thought it would be fun to release a version of  Warisan for Merdeka and Malaysia day. We all  think it’s a great song and wanted to produce  our version to introduce it to the new generation  of Malaysian music fans. ‘Warisan’ was written  by the late Syed Haron Syed Ahmad and  included in Sudirman’s 1982 album called  ‘Abadi’.

Warisan was received so well by the  Malaysian audience and the Media. Total PR  value for Warisan reached RM2m within two  weeks of its release.

Tarik Jeans (Tarik) is a homegrown streetwear premium denim brand  that embraces the Malaysian and Nusantara identity of diversity.

Founded in Penang, Malaysia in 2010, Tarik is regarded as a pioneer  of the country’s streetwear scene and immediately received a lot of  attention. This mainly came from the cultivated Malaysian youth,  especially those in tune with street fashion and an interest in denim.

The brand was inspired by Afiq Iskandar, who is also a member of the  rock band, Oh Chentaku! (OCK). His passion for music and Malaysian  culture laid the foundations for Tarik.

In 2015, Jiman became a part of Tarik Jeans and was responsible for  its stellar debut show at KL Fashion Week 2016. As Director of  Communications for Tarik, Jiman has managed to grow the brand’s  audience with his innovative campaign ideas and wide network. To  date, Jiman has worked on 4 collections with Tarik.

Jiman left the brand in 2020.

After successfully leading his PR team to  manage all things PR for Malaysia’s  premiere rock and roll band, SEARCH, for  its Fenomena National Tour back in 2015,  Jiman was then tasked to style the rock  Gods for the release of their new landmark  studio album, Katharsis.

This include to plan the direction of the  album cover and the look of each one of the  band member.

This ‘rebranding’ exercise is important to  create relevance; and interest amongst the  younger generation and their new set of  audience.

Nikahsatu, a wedding focused platform that provides digital wedding solutions, wedding financing  solutions and a curated one-stop wedding e-commerce serving particularly the Malaysian and  Singapore. The company recently raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding in a round led  by 500 Startups.

Since it was founded back in late 2017, the digital wedding platform has proven to be profitable  and attracted close to 3 million visitors from across the region with current monthly traffic  exceeding 300,000 monthly. Other than providing complete digital wedding solutions, Nikahsatu’s  other main mission is to support the wedding industry by promoting local players such as  wedding photographers, videographers, fashion designers, make-up artists, set designers etc. -  many of whom are freelancers.

JCPR was engaged to handle Nikahsatu’s PR affairs beginning from July 2020.

The date was 18th December 2014 and Ridduan was scheduled to record an interview with Bfm 89.9 that morning about his reputation as Malaysia's upcoming street style photographer. The interview was however canceled because news of a sudden rise of water levels in his hometown, a quaint little town called Rantau Panjang, in Kelantan, has made it necessary for him to urgently go home to be with his family. Little did he know that he will come face to face with the most tragic flood situation in the East Coast since 1967.

The rain was relentless. The water level of Sungai Kelantan at Tambatan DiRaja, which has a danger level of 25 metres, reached an unprecedented magnitude of 34.17 metres compared to 29.70 metres in 2004 and 33.61 metres in 1967. The severity of the flood has caused electricity and communication failure. Ridduan has decided that one of the ways that he could send out a message to the public about the seriousness of the matter is through his photos. Armed with just his i-Phone he set out on a mission of documenting the tragedy, but through his eyes.

This Exhibition is a collection of those photos that has captured the hearts of not just his legions of followers on Instagram, but also the general Malaysian public. Described as “Heartbreakingly beautiful” by Wordsmanifest, presenting to you, BANJIR.

Astro Awani did a full coverage on TTFGA’s Banjir photos leading up to the Exhibition and post-Exhibition.


After successfully leading his PR team to manage all things PR for Malaysia’s premiere rock and roll band, SEARCH, for its Fenomena National Tour back in 2015, Jiman was then tasked to style the rock Gods for the release of their new landmark studio album, Katharsis.

This include to plan the direction of the album cover and the look of each one of the band member.

This ‘rebranding’ exercise is important to create relevance; and interest amongst the younger generation and their new set of audience.

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